Home Improvement Sales On The Rise As Home Owners Rebuild After Winter Storms | Webpronews

Home Improvement Sales On The Rise As Home Owners Rebuild After Winter Storms

They make weekly trips to Home Depot while helping to contribute to the stores bottom line. Unfortunately for Home Depot, that wasnt the case after a particularly rough winter killed their retail sales, but the retail giant is on its way back up. Reuters reports that Home Depot saw an increase in sales in May. http://www.webpronews.com/home-improvement-sales-on-the-rise-as-home-owners-rebuild-after-winter-storms-2014-05

Good Signs For Home Refinance And Repair – Business Insider


Within the last day, both companies reported earnings, and while their first quarter results came in a bit mixed, their outlooks for the rest of the year were both upbeat. Yesterday morning, Home Depot reaffirmed its fiscal 2014 sales outlook and raised its profit view, though the company’s earnings per share are expected to be bolstered by $3.75 billion in share repurchases expected during the rest of the year. Lowe’s this morning reported first quarter sales that disappointed , but the company’s quarterly earnings and fiscal year outlooks were in-line with expectations. Lowe’s CEORobert Niblock,[p]erformance has improved in May which, together with our strengthening execution, gives us the confidence to reaffirm our sales and operating profit outlook for the year.” Lowe’s also said it expects operating profit margin to improve 65 basis points. Lowe’s shares opened fractionally lower, while Home Depot stock opened a bit higher. http://www.businessinsider.com/good-signs-for-home-refinance-and-repair-2014-5


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