Grenada Star, Home Improvement

When it comes to enhancing the value and comfort of a home, most homeowners will opt to address the cosmetic features of a home when completing a renovation project. Yet, it’s often the things that homeowners don’t consider that can have the biggest impact on the value of a home. Perk up your home with pattern Give your home an energy shot this spring with bright colors and bold patterns. “Patterns are hot, hot, hot,” says Cathie Pliess, program coordinator of design for The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a certified interior designer.

Home Improvement Highlights: Why You Should Replace Asbestos Roofs | Home, Lifestyle | – Latest World News & Opinions

A commonly discussed construction nuisance is asbestos, a cohort of minerals found within the earth, used by construction companies in commonly building roofs of houses. Asbestos fibres have typically been used as strengthening agents in roofs and siding materials in the past. Because roofing options and siding materials vary in types, it is often difficult to figure out which roofs contain asbestos.


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