Have A Home Remodeling Dream? Creative-remodeling.com Connects Homeowners To The Right Local Home Improvement Pros – University Chronicle

Only Certain Home Improvements Pay Off, Appraisal Institute Says – Yahoo Finance

The entire process is carried out as efficiently as possible to ensure convenience and ease. Creative-Remodeling.com eradicates the mundane task of searching phone books, local listings in newspapers, yellow pages and online for home remodeling companies and pros in the area by home owners. Mimi S, a satisfied user of Creative-Remodeling.com shared her satisfaction after being matched with the right pros through the website by saying: We have received so many great compliments on our remodel that James designed for us here at Rosario’s. http://www.ssuchronicle.com/2014/06/06/have-a-home-remodeling-dream-creative-remodeling-com-connects-homeowners-to-the-right-local-home-improvement-pros/

During a feasibility study, the appraiser will analyze the homeowner’s property, weigh the cost of rehabilitation and provide an estimate of the property’s value before and after the improvement. Some green and energy-efficient renovations, such as adding Energy Star appliances and extra insulation, are likely to pay the homeowner back in lowered utility bills relatively quickly. Lower utility costs also are a draw for potential homebuyers. When appraising a home, the appraiser evaluates local supply and demand for green and energy-efficient properties and features. The Appraisal Institute offers a free, informative brochure titled ” Remodeling & Rehabbing ,” which provides consumers with valuable advice on home remodeling. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/only-certain-home-improvements-pay-130000408.html


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