Home Improvement Website Names 30 Best New Jersey Garden Centers | Virtual-strategy Magazine

Thats a lot of new roofs, landscaping, and remodels. On average, total spending on improvements in a zip code is projected to be about $5.1 million in 2014. The top 5 total-spending zip codes are all in Maryland, Texas, or Illinois. http://time.com/money/2914679/which-areas-will-spend-the-most-on-home-improvements-this-year/

Which Areas Will Spend the Most on Home Improvements This Year? – Money.com

Eat Butter Fat Time Magazine Cover

More than 1,000 NJ nurseries and garden centers were evaluated by Essex Home Improvements to find the top 30. The article includes descriptions, photos and details about each of the garden centers, including “Special Services” and “That Little Bit Extra.” According to a company spokesperson, “The 30 best garden and landscape centers in New Jersey have three things in common: superior selection, expertise and service. Each individual location also has its own unique appeal.” Beautiful gardens, lawns and landscaping can provide much more than simple aesthetic interest. http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2014/06/24/home-improvement-website-names-30-best-new-jersey-garden-centers


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