Home Sales On Rise For County

The Garage Salon and Spa

Only the central region saw a median price decline compared with January through June of 2013, at 4.1 percent. Going forward, Lane said reasons for optimism include a falling statewide unemployment rate at 5.7 percent, it was one percentage point lower than the rate in June 2013. The state has seen some job growth, with just over 33,800 private-sector jobs created in that period. In other measures of the markets health, the WRA noted that both inventory levels and the rate of foreclosure appear to have stabilized statewide. http://chippewa.com/news/local/49e0e1f9-ca50-5896-842a-b1ad4f16f6e6.html

Sniffing out scammers: How to recognize flawed home improvement offers | KSL.com

home improvement

Remember, most successful businesses have more formal ways of marketing themselves. This is especially true of contractors that provide services fostering interaction with their customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Chances are, the good ones will present themselves without showing up at your door or calling you. Anyone who can’t produce customer references is probably hiding something. Some of the more obvious tendencies these scammers exhibit should have you politely shooing them off your property within minutes. http://www.ksl.com/?sid=30862905&nid=1268&s_cid=rss-extlink


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