Starbucks’ Q3 Earnings: Price Hike & Consumer Product Segment Drive Sales – Forbes

What Does Environmental Democracy Look Like? | World Resources Institute

The companys coffee prices are already high as compared to its peers, but the companys customers have always been loyal to the brand. With all its competitors raising their coffee prices, people got all the more reason to stick to the brand. Beverages account for the majority of the companys total retail sales and accounted for 74% of Starbucks total retail sales in 2013. Effectively, high coffee prices had a huge impact to the third quarter sales, as comparable store sales in U.S. increased by a record 6%.

The tribunal has jurisdiction over all civil cases involving substantial question[s] relating to [the] environment, and is mandated to attempt to conclude a case within six months of the filing date. Between May 2011 and March 2014, the Tribunal has adjudicated 393 cases. Spotlight on Environmental Democracy Over the coming months, The Access Initiative at WRI will continue to look at environmental democracy around the world. This work will both showcase success stories and help shed light on areas for improvement.


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