N.j.’s County-run Nursing Homes Face Uncertain Future As Medicaid Funding Dwindles | Nj.com

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The practice itself may be on borrowed time, however, as a recent report from the New Jersey Association of Counties paints a dim financial picture for county nursing homes in the years to come. Only eight counties in the state Gloucester, Atlantic, Cape May, Bergen, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris and Passaic still run their own elderly care facilities, fighting against the tide of a changing health care funding system that poses serious financial impacts. Specifically, cuts to Medicaid funding in the tens of millions in recent years , as well a philosophical shift from residential to long-term managed care programs, triggered the need for Salem County to sell its home in 2011, soon followed by Burlington, Cumberland and Sussex’s sales in 2012 , Camden’s sale in 2013, and Union and Warren’s sales later this year. “It’s important for us to educate the public on the difficult decision that counties have to make moving forward as to whether or not to sell or maintain their nursing homes,” saidJohn Donnadio, president of the New Jersey Association of Counties The biggest challenge to county-run homes, said Donnadio, is that an average of 79 percent of their patients are covered by Medicaid, and reimbursement rates have dropped sharply since 2012. That was the year counties lost a projected $13.6 million in funding thanks to state Medicaid funding cuts, as well as matching federal funds. “Those losses are really forcing counties across the state to look at ‘How is this viable moving forward? http://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2014/08/county-run_nursing_homes_going_private_as_medicaid_funding_dwindles_but_holdouts_remain.html

This new carpet will allow us to do that with the setup and the new arrangement of the furniture. Mauney learned of the Lowes grant last year and applied for it in February. She was told in May the money was coming her way for the project. The grant will pay for the cost of the carpet. We used other funds to pay for the installation and the other work we are having done here, Mauney said. This will get us off in the right direction. We are hoping within a year to have everything the way we want it to have done. The way Mauney wants it done is to have areas where the youngsters can do their reading on the new carpet or in beanbag chairs, close to the floor and away from the tables; thus making reading more enjoyable for the kids. When we put it all back together again, were going to be able to rearrange our furniture and adjust and build in reading nooks and places for kids to be able to get down to the floor and enjoy their reading more in this setting, Mauney said. http://m.desototimes.com/articles/2014/08/03/news/local/doc53d04ec349fb0350788856.txt


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